5 Best Tips For Men To Impress Her
5 Best Tips For Men To Impress Her

5 Men Fashion Tips That Can Help You Impress Her

The art of dressing for formal and informal occasions is a skill that comes with experience and age but due to lack of time we rely more on tips from fashion experts to keep pace with the latest trends. Unlike woman men are not much concerned about their dressing as they don’t give a damn on spending extravagantly on dresses. But if you wish to impress her at the first date you really need to catch up with the style game and create an outfit by blending in some colors that can make you look sleeker.

Making an impression on a lady and making her fall for you at the first date is not at all an easy task, it requires a lot of hard work, patience and know-how to execute it successfully. So before planning your most important date you need to revisit your wardrobe. Enlisted here are the fashion tips that would make you rock at your very first date.

Tips that can help you impress her

  • Smart Casual look:

To carry the look pair up a white dress shirt and blue pants with a smart sports leather jacket. This gives your personality a balanced outlook. No doubt this combination is concerned as the heart winning combo at first site. I adds more attitude to your personality. However to complete the attire wear classical aviator shades and you are ready to rock your date.

  • A Well-Trimmed Beard with a formal hair style

Men go easy with their carefree attitude and often pay little attention to      groom their personalities. But however when it comes to impress a women you need to come up with the neat and tidy looks that grasps her attention at once. In this case a little trim beardwith a classical haircut style that compliments your personality can do wonders in enhancing your features and gives you a more charismatic and mature looks.

  • A Well-Tailored Black suit with a pair of Oxford shoes

Black color is considered as the weakest point of girls to fall for. If it’s the very first date you plan to speak your heart out and propose her, all you need to do is dress formally in a suit with a classy pair of Oxford shoes that heightens your body language. Dressing up in a suit adds more grace to your personality and there is a class of girls who falls more for graceful guys.

  • Ironed dress shirt and pant with a skinny tie

Most men don’t even bother to iron their clothes and keep up with the jeans and a T-shirt that needs little or no ironing at all. But again impressing a girl is not an easy job you need to meet their standards once they say yes. So to accompany a young girl on date you need to come up with a more polished and groomed outlook. Ironed dress shirt and pants with a skinny tie would serve the purpose. It would make you look young, cool and more of a career oriented guy.

  • Layer it well

Layering can add additional charm to your personality. You can achieve this by combining a necked woolen sweater and a button down shirt with skinny jeans and a pair of leather shoes. Slim and tall heighten young men can pull of this combination with style to impress their lady.


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