7 Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins with Drag & Drop

Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins with Drag and Drop
Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins with Drag and Drop

Best Page Builder WordPress Plugins 

Why is WordPress an addictive CMS? If you ask the WordPress community, everybody will share a different opinion. Yet, the basic aspect remains the same as it provides an unparalleled simplicity of managing complex web development tasks.

The drag-and-drop function can be simply defined as a relaxed way of publishing, editing, removing and managing the web content. That may include a theme, settings, or making some tweaks in order to keep the website in its best form.

The WordPress plugins with drag-and-drop functionality provide a balance between the technical and the traditional aspects of WordPress.

Here are 7 of the trending plugins you can choose from

1) Upfront:

The very first mention, among the list of the best WordPress page builder with drag and drop functionality, is the Upfront. The plugin is quite simple to work with and even someone new to plugins can handle it quite well. You can drag, drop, position as well as customize the aspects over the web layout and create an amazing template.

If you have some infographics and the relevant text, the plugin provides you with all the basic necessities to create a simple blog. This is followed by featuring sticky navigation, videos, mega sliders, parallax effect and other advanced features.

2) FastLine

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The FastLine plugin features a wide range of layouts, which are easy to implement via the drag-and-drop feature it comes with. This makes the overall template modification process simple and intuitive.

A slide out window gives you options to search and add the desired elements to the web pages such as adding a new page, buttons, videos, image galleries and much more.

3) Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a popular WordPress plugin which offers drag-and-drop functionality to the web admins. The plugin developers rightly claim to provide unmatched experience to the front-end developers who are new to template editing and optimization.

Some of the amazing features of Visual Composer include more than 35 elements for customizing the web as well as a pre-installed skin builder for selecting colors.

4) Live Composer:

Live Composer was a paid plugin initially. But now, the developers have decided to avail this robust plugin to the WordPress community for free. Live Composer offers a seamless editing experience, thanks to its amazing drag-and-drop functionality.

The Live Composer WordPress plugin with drag and drop feature makes it easier for the web admins to add as well as modify images, videos, text, layout and much more.

5) Octonis

Octonis is a fairly new plugin and has been well-maintained by the development team. The plugin has an in-built library of custom styles for a user to choose from. This saves a lot of time for the webmasters while they build a new template for their WordPress website.

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The drag & drop builder enabled Octonis plugin is based on blocks style elements which are used to make custom modifications. The plugin very much eliminates consulting a designer or a developer for making use of raw HTML or CSS codes. The Octonis plugin is compatible with all the leading WordPress themes.

6) MiniMax

It is just not wise to get into the nuts and bolts of X/HTML or CSS in order to make minor changes in the design of your WordPress website. This is where  MiniMax comes into play. The plugin is widely benefiting the web admins by preventing the need for learning programming and markup languages for making changes in the web designs.

MiniMax WordPress plugin is built on a module system, in which you can use a certain plugin over a theme. Later, you can create templates with the help of modules, which are competitive and advanced as per the trending web templates over the web. The plugin is available for free, with more that 10,000 active users worldwide.

7) PixGridder

Most of the professional web designers prefer grids for crafting a retina optimized web template. This is simply because the grids are easy to manage, navigate as well as makes it easier to make modifications. The PixGridder plugin for WordPress has been created keeping in mind the benefits of grid layouts that can be used by designers.

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The basic idea behind using this plugin is to build a grid layout, which you can configure with all the other elements you wish to add to your WordPress website. With the grids available to make customization, you can easily boost the user experience of your website within a few clicks.

Wrapping Up

Drag and drop page builder WordPress plugins are what makes technology easier to access. The plugins enhance your productivity since you do not need to be a tech-savvy to use these plugins and manage your website in an efficient way.

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