Best Magento Security Scanners 2020

    Top and Best Magento Security Scanners 2019
    Top and Best Magento Security Scanners 2019

    Find Vulnerabilities & Malware in Websites Best Magento Security Scanners

    Crackorsquad providing you the list of best Magento Security Scanners available online 2019.

    1. MageReport

    This free service gives you a quick insight into the security status of your Magento shop(s) and how to fix possible vulnerabilities. is made by the Magento hosting specialists of Dutch provider Byte. We protect the performance and security of several thousand Magento shops.


    Check Here checks your Magento shop for all known vulnerabilities in Magento and even some commonly used 3rd party extensions.

    • Admin disclosure
    • RCE/webforms vulnerability
    • Visbot malware
    • API exposed
    • Brute force attacks
    • Ransomware
    • Gurulnc Javascript
    • And much more…

    2. Foregenix

    The Foregenix scanner quickly determines how vulnerable your website is to being hacked. It is also capable of detecting if your site has already been compromised.


    Check Here

    • Magento shoplift
    • Magmi
    • Outdated version
    • Unprotected version control
    • Cloud Harvester malware
    • Credit card hijack
    • XSS, RSS attack
    • Secrets leak
    • Admin takeover/disclosure

    3. Security Patch Tester

    Patch Tester is specially designed to help if your Magento store is vulnerable to any latest security risk. At this page, you can check if your store is vulnerable to the most recent security issues and verify Magento security patches installed on your store.

    Check Here

    If you are just looking to verify the security patch, then it would be the quick and handy tool.

    4. SUCURI

    Very useful to test the website for various components. Useful to fast analyze your site against common online threats.

    Check Here



    • Malware
    • Blacklisting
    • Injected SPAM
    • Defacements

    Stay tuned with us for more updates.



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