Coronavirus Medicine


Coronavirus Drug 

Extract of Boiled Green Tea Leafs May Be Helpful To Prevent or Cure This Worldwide Epidemic.

Infected Person May Drink The Extract From Boiled Green Tea Leafs  To Cure Fast or One May Drink To Prevent This.

We Didn’t Claim This Will Work For Sure But One May Try This, It Can Be Very Helpful.

Coronavirus Medicine – 

Green Tea Leafs Have Following Ingredients Which May Be Helpful To Increase or Maintain Immunity –

Tannins (Catechins)

Tannins give green tea its astringent flavour. They have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and also act as detoxicants.


A bitter ingredient. While a stimulant, the caffeine in green tea also acts to relieve stress.

B Vitamins

Green tea contains B1, B2, niacin and pantothenic acid. B vitamins aid carbohydrate metabolism. They also promote secretion of digestive fluids and protect the mucous membranes.

Vitamin C

Green tea contains large amounts of vitamin C, which is resistant to heat. Five or six cups of green tea a day provides the body with all the vitamin C it needs. Vitamin C also prevents the formation of melanin, inhibits oxidation, and increases the body’s resistance to disease.

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Vitamin E

Green tea contains chemical compounds called tocopherols (more commonly known as Vitamin E), which are thought to have anti-aging properties.


An amino acid that produces an umami taste. The better the tea, the more theanine it contains.

Plant pigments

Among others, green tea contains green chlorophyll and yellow flavone compounds.


Green tea contains potassium, calcium, zinc, nickel, and molybdenum.


Green tea contains the most fluorine of any food or drink.


A special ingredient in green tea that has anti-inflammatory properties.


Health maintenance

When the body is healthy, blood is mildly alkaline. Drinking green tea as part of a daily diet of meat, fish, rice, and other acidic foods, can balance diet, maintain health and keep the body functioning smoothly.


The caffeine in green tea stimulates the central nervous system, improving alertness and also acting as a cardiotonic diuretic, which quickly expels alcohol from the body. Green tea can mitigate the affects of a hangover, with vitamin C working to strengthen the liver, which facilitates the breakdown of alcohol.

Prevention of lifestyle diseases

Eating excessive amounts of animal fats causes blood cholesterol levels to rise, which can lead to high blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases. The tannins in green tea suppress increases in bad cholesterol and are effective in preventing these kinds of diseases.

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Relieving constipation

Drinking green tea on a daily basis can help to relieve chronic and habitual constipation, by activating the small intestine, encouraging regular bowel movements.

Relieving fatigue

The caffeine in green tea acts on the central nervous system to improve cognitive ability, and relieve nervous tension and stress. It also stimulates cardiac action, improving cardiac function, and increasing blood in the kidneys, which promotes urination.

Relieving bad breath and preventing cavities

Tannins in green tea help to prevent germs from multiplying and prevent bad odors. Fluorine has been proven to create teeth that are resistant to cavities.

Preventing cancer

There is a great number of research which suggests that the combined effects of Tannins, saponins, and other mutation suppressants may prevent cancer. It is also known that incidence of death from stomach cancer is lower in green tea producing areas.

Reducing the affects of smoking

Cigarette smoke lowers the amount of vitamin C in the blood and the nicotine it contains adversely affects circulation. The Tannins and vitamin C in green tea reduce these harmful effects.

The majority of these benefits are not immediately effective. Consuming large amounts of green tea at one time in the expectation of receiving these benefits is not recommended.

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One May Take Extract Three to Five Times Daily as Per Doctor’s Advice.

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