Herbs To Fight With Coronavirus

    Herbs To Fight With Coronavirus
    Herbs To Fight With Coronavirus

    Herbs with Antiviral Activity To Fight With Coronavirus

    Coronavirus Alternative Treatments: Can Traditional  Medicine and Herbs Help? Here is the list of Herbs which may helps to cure or prevent corona-virus.

    Certain herbs might help to protect against COVID-19 coronavirus. But, still there is no scientific evidence whether they will work or not.

    List of Medicines / Herbs  suggested for use to treat / prevent coronavirus :

    • Aegle marmelos L. (बेलपत्र)

    • Oregano (अजवायन की पत्ती)

    • Radix astragali 

    • Sage (तेजपत्ता)

    • Radix glycyrrhizae 

    • Basil (तुलसी)

    • Radix saposhnikoviae 

    • Fennel (सौंफ)

    • Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae 

    • Garlic (लहसुन)

    • Lonicerae Japonicae Flos 

    • Peppermint (पुदीना)

    • Rosemary (मेहंदी)

    • Fructus forsythia

    • Echinacea

    • Sambucus (सांभर का पौधा)

    • Licorice (मुलेठी)

    • Astragalus

    • Ginger

    • Ginseng

    • Dandelion (सिंहपर्णी)

    • Green Tea Leafs

    • Jamu

    • Astragalus

    • Elderberry

    • Siberian Ginseng

    One May Take The Small Quantities of These Herbs (or suitable blended mixture as per comparability of herbs together )as Per Suggestions of Ayurvedic Doctor to reduce any side effects .



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