How To Get High Google Ranking 2020 Top 10 On Page SEO Factors

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    How To Get High Google Ranking 2019 Top 10 On Page SEO Factors

    How to Get High Google Ranking ?

    Currently, the online business market is so competitive, customer addicted to find any product or services online and search engine guide them for the right product to purchase or service.

    A search engine helps a user to solve their queries which they face during the routine. That means search engine reputation is more important than any other. So if you have a website or blog, you can go for SEO activities to achieve your business milestone.

    SEO makes your site easy to understand for users as well as for search engine bot which is the main feature of SEO. Basically, SEO activity is divided into 2 main steps:

    On-page Activities:

    This activity helps to make site search engine friendly and how to do it which is explained in detail throughout this post.

    Off-page Activities:

    This activity helps to promote sites or blog to get a good ranking position in search engine.

    10 On Page SEO factors to get high google ranking 

    1. Choose Keywords

    Choosing keywords for your site is a very basic step in on page activity. If you have chosen the right keywords for your site, then only you can place the right keyword on the right page and that will result as a high rank in a search engine result page. The first step to choose right keywords is you have to read the content of your website/page and find 2 keywords from it which is closely associated to your overall page’s content.

    Select one keyword as a primary keyword which is most relevant to the content, and one as a secondary keyword which is a variation of primary keyword. If you can’t find primary keyword for your page/site, you need to create new website because if you are not able to understand your site then how can you expect user or search engine will understand it.

    2. Page Title

    It is exceptionally an important factor in SEO to achieve higher ranking in Google search. The page title should describe the page content so the user can easily understand the page is about what. Every page must have unique and attractive title to increase clicks ratio.

    Most of search engine shows 65 characters length’s title including the space. if it is more than this length google will show remaining character with “…”. In page title, you have to incorporate your primary keywords. For Homepage, you can include your business name.

    3. Meta Description

    This is also one of the key factors to attract users as well as to get the good ranking position. Meta description will give the reason why a user should visit your page. Same as page title every page or product have the unique description.

    Length for best description is 150-160 character but do not less than 100 character. Keep one thing in mind, do not repeat title and don’t put too many keywords in it. You can place your primary keyword and secondary keywords over here.

    4. URL Optimization

    URL of the site should be easy to remember and understand for users. Include your primary keyword and separate word with the dash(-). Avoid to use the underscore( _ ) in the URL structure.

    5. Heading Tags

    Basically, 6 HTML heading tags are available. The page should contain at least one H1 heading tag in which you can place your primary keyword. This H1 tag should come first onto the page then other heading tags like h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 comes. If you want to know why H1 is first, visit my another blog. Use H1 for the title of your post and others for the subtitle.

    6. Call To Action

    Call to Action will engage your visitors with your site. If a visitor would like to read your blog updation and subscription button – call to action – is there then that visitor should become your regular blog visitor. For business, Call to Action is playing a vital role in converting visitors to the customer. By clicking here know where you can place your Call to Actions to get more business success.

    7. Internal Links:

    An internal link is a process to connect one page/post with the another page/post within the website. If you do Internal link effectively, it will give you best result in search engine ranking.

    8. Image Alt tags:

    Google or any other search engine’s bot could not able to read image, they only read text. If you are using images onto your site, ALT tags will play a key role to tell the bot what image is about. You can use your primary keyword and secondary keywords in Alt tags. Use the primary keyword as the alt tag for the image which most important on the page.

    9. Site load time:
    Site loading time is also the important factor because if your site will take more time to load, the visitor will get frustrated and leave your site in few seconds. After reading so many articles on page load time, I concluded that a site which is fast ranked well in SERP.

    10. Sitemap:
    A sitemap is a map to guide crawler and user. It is the page where you can see all links of your website. Most of the sites have 2 sitemap, one is sitemap.xml which is for searchengine crawler and one is sitemap.html which is for a visitor. When we update any page, sitemap informs search engine about that updation/changes.

    One More Important Thing

    It is a text file where you can give instruction to the search engine bot which page or directory do not have to crawl during crawling. For instance if you want to restrict web crawler to access image page, you have to mention that page into this file. You can see your robots.txt file by writing your domain name and /robots.txt

    By using these techniques you can rank high on the search engines. Stay tuned with crackorsquad for latest technical updates.


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