Laptop Overheating Problem Fix – 100% Working Tips
Laptop Overheating Problem Fix – 100% Working Tips

How to Fix Laptop Overheating Problem – 100% Working Tips

How to Fix Laptop Over Heating Problem: Your laptop overheating often and freezes off. You may spend time enabling it to cool down, after that switch it ON just to notice the same issue affecting it repeatedly. It is one of the vital popular problems faced regularly by many users. In this post, we will discuss why laptops overheat and exactly what the tips to solve laptop overheating problem.

How to Find the sign of Laptop or computer Overheating Fast?

Here are a few hints of a laptop that is overheating:

1) If your laptop frequently restarts or reboots, the issue might be overheating. The indications of an overheating laptop or computer might involve restarting problem several times a day.

2) A continuously working fan that is producing noisy and improper sounds, in the present generation, the majority of the companies are very careful regarding their model so this kind of disappointments hardly ever happens.

3) An additional popular cause for laptop overheating is the level of dust in the inside part of obstructing the movement of air flow.

4) Few laptops and computers are also overheating because of their natural manufacturing problems. Lots of chips are jammed inside a small space which makes the items more at risk of overheating.

5) Your laptop or computer starts doing few particular tasks by itself, when you are trying to access a site, play a game, or watch a movie.

Risks of Laptop or computer Overheating

  • An overheating laptop may cause harm to your entire system. The heat emanating from the laptop or computer may basically burn your entire system.
  • Using a laptop at extreme temperatures might destroy the hardware parts such as graphics card, the central processing unit, the micro-chips, mother board, hard disks, and memory systems.
  • Overheating decreases the longevity of your laptop or computer.
  • An overheating laptop may cause a fire risk.

Solution to Stop Laptop or Computer From Overheating?

Listed here are a few easy tips on how to fix overheating problems in a laptop or computer.

Use a Cooling fan:

It is an effective way to solve overheating problem easily that’s why it is suggested to put a cooling pad under the laptop while you’re working with it. Cooling Fan is a crucial part that you should use if you are watching a film for long hrs. If your laptop has overheating issues, then you should buy a cooling pad. A cooling pad improves the supply of air around the laptop. Buying more Cooling fan doesn’t indicate that you can get more ventilation. This is why you need to consider the reviews before making an investment decision. Remember to choose one that suits the height and width of your laptop. You should choose one that matches your spending budget. Buying a costly one doesn’t guarantee that it will perform better. Generally, a good one will cost you between $10 and $20.

Stay away from Dusty Places:

Look at the places that you use your laptop or computer. If dirt and dust creeps inside the region of laptop, it creates poor air flow.

Operate in a Low Temperature Place:

Always operate in a place where the temperature is not very high. If you have extra fans or air conditioner systems you must adjust them ON to maintain a perfect climate.

Unplug Laptop Charger:

It is an effective tip to unplug your laptop or notebook charger once your battery gets charged. If you will not unplug it, overheating problem will surely occur after some months.

Avoid Metallic Surface:

Often choose to maintain your laptop on wooden surface instead of a metallic layer.

Work in a Cool Environment:

Same like human beings, laptops also perform better in well ventilated places. It is suggested to operate a laptop at temperatures of 20 to 25 °C or lower. In major cases, this is the actual temperature in a job place or in a room.

Give Your Laptop a rest:

whenever you realize that your laptop or computer system is overheated, you must save your current activity for another time and turn off your pc for 1 hour to let it cool-down When you’re using heavy software like games, picture or video editing suites, your laptop or computer might get very hot. Try to turn the system off from time to time. This may provide time to cool down.

Change Your Power Settings:

if the power settings for your laptop or computer are arranged in such a method that it utilizes max electric power to operate every activity, you must change it to “Power saver”. Because the “High Performance” configuring gives a pressure on the computer systems making it very hot quicker. If you want to do a demanding job like playing graphic high games, you could change to the “high performance “setting. To adjust this setting, go to Control Panel and choose Power Options. There you can manage to change the electric power program in use.

Confirm that all Vents area Are Not Blocked:

Stay away from using your laptop on a bed, cushion, blanket as well as a soft board. Soft things may prevent the vents and catch heat within the laptops. It will also damage your laptop charger. It is a most damaging part that you may not even be aware that the laptop is heating up. This may definitely harm the laptop or perhaps cause a fire.

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Clean Your Laptop Often:

With a few warnings and attention, you may clean up the inside part of your exhaust system and ventilators Once in several months. Or you may visit a laptop or computer store and get it free of dirt from inside.

In case, the overheating issues don’t move with time, you must talk to a specialist in this subject. A laptop or computer repair store suggested by the designer or the one that has great knowledge may help you stay away from this kind of issue. In the most damaging situation, if overheating laptop issues are not leaving, you must contact the manufacturer company. Popular technical assistance solutions can give you high quality solutions and assist you in your condition.

Follow below simple trick to kill and Avoid overheating problem – 

–> Go to Control Panel

–> Click on Hardware and Sound then click on Power option

–> Click on change plan settings

Note: the setting should set on ” Balanced ( recommended)”  you have to click on Balanced ” Change plan settings. See the screen shot.

–> Click on Change Advanced Power Setting

–> Now Click on “Maximum processor State” 

–> and Change setting to 80 to 85% State. and apply the changes.

The previously listed trick should quickly stop your laptop or computer from overheating problem. But, make sure that the processor state is not decreased very low.

According to my experience, i have noted that the laptop overheats while the processor is executing at 100% processor state. Decreasing the processor state by some 10 to 20 percentage will surely reduce your overheating problem.


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