LiFi Technology Speed And How Different Than Wifi

    LiFi Technology Speed And How Different Than Wifi
    LiFi Technology Speed And How Different Than Wifi

    LiFi Technology Explained 

    LiFi technology speed is 100 times faster than a normal wi-fi. Means your favorite movieswill be downloaded in within second. LiFi differs from wi-fi in many manners. LiFi is also known as Light Fidelity.

    Last year, the LiFi is successfully tested and achieved the speed of 1GB per second. It is same like wireless and for communication is is uses visible light or infrared and ultraviolet instead of radio waves.

    The light communication will be worked by switching LEDs off or on with high rate. Feel so amazing, about how LEDs bulb transmits data?

    The LEDs bulb have much wider bandwidth than the WiFi.

    All I want to say about LiFi is amazing and much faster than WiFi. Walls reflects light so that it is also secure rather than radio waves.

    LiFi Technology Speed And Difference Between Lif And WiFi

    • LiFi transmits data using light with the help of LEDs bulb. WiFi transmitted data using radio waves with the help of router or modem.
    • LiFi does not have any interference due to any noise between path. Another side W-Fi may have some interference due to nearby devices.
    • LiFi used infrared data association technology or WiFi used WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/as/ad standard compliant devices.
    • LiFi is mostly used in airlines, Underwater explorations, office and for a home network. WiFi is used for internet browsing with the help of routers.
    • The LiFi technology used Light so walls can block it. That will help to secure our data. In WiFi radio frequency signal cannot be blocked by walls so we need to setup manualsecurity.
    • LiFi technology speed is about 1GB. In WiFi, we can use same but need to upgrade the devices.
    • Coverage area in LiFi is less than WiFi area. LiFi will transmit data over 10M only.
    • To make full setup of LiFi we need Lamp Driver, LEDs bulb and a photodetector. In WiFi, we need routers and laptop devices.


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