Online Jobs for Students – Best Ways to Earn While You Learn 2020
Online Jobs for Students – Best Ways to Earn While You Learn 2020

Online Jobs for Students – 17 Best Ways to Earn While You Learn

Earn your daily wages if and only if you are interested. Now, you would think that why would I be interested in earning money while learning?

Well, the easiest possible answer to this question could be like, “With online jobs for students ,there is no harm in earning while learning when you can utilize your extra free time to support yourself financially and become independent.

In fact, your father would be a proud father to know that his kid is capable enough of taking his responsibility and simultaneously earning money to have an independent life.

Wheather you live in Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune or anywhere else, you can start these online jobs for students all over the world. Part time home jobs are the best and you must take the benefit of it.

Online Job for Students: Should you do these online part-time jobs being a student?

My answer to this question would be yes, definitely you should do these part-time jobs being a student because you would be then capable enough of earning for your expenses. Say, you would not need to go to your father and ask him for your genuine and silly expenses because your parents would have already invested a lot in education and they might be dealing with some financial crispness.

So, if you take these online jobs which are highly paying as well as for part-time periods, you would only be benefited.

Online Jobs for College Students : What is the scope of online part-time jobs for students in India?

With great encouragement to online technology, this technology has gifted in reverse. With its help, there came in the concept of online working that too part-time. This online working is not only fetching more money, but it has also made the life of a financially-sulking person much easy.

Nowadays, despite having a well-to-do job, many of our fellow Indians are searching for the part-time jobs and some of them are even earning well with them.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the future of these online part-time jobs, then these jobs will share a great future with well-paid packages in the near future. But this certainly does not mean that you go with anyone that provide you with an online job for student.

With the increased demand of online part-time jobs in ​India, there are many frauds in the market who are luring people by showing them sparkly dreams and asking investment from them.

In that case, you must stick to the very popular jobs which are rated and recommended by many. ​But don’t you worry; to ease down your pain of searching such jobs I have compiled a list of some popular and best paying online part time jobs for students.

I recommend you to only go with the jobs I would be mentioning further in this article.

The advantage of such online money making jobs for students

  • You become self dependent–  As you start earning on your own, you are not much dependent on your father for any type of money and financial support. You are now capable of handling all your financial issues whether it s about taking a new gadget for you or buying any book for the educational curriculum.
  • You are capable of making enough money to handle your expense-  When you start earning while learning, you are capable of handling your expenses. You can take care of all your small and big expenses including the educational necessities, party with friends and moreover, in many cases, you also finance your higher studies if possible.
  • You can even support your family at a time- We all know that not everyone of us has a rich daddy  to take better care of  your requirements. In that case, if you start earning part-time with your education, it is more like a help to that family. In fact, you come up as a good example for your friends, relatives and neighbors because you are responsible to take care of your family and support it.
  • You do not have to invest much time- The online jobs that I am talking about needs no extra time of yours. You can simply do this job when you are free from your studies and have spare time to input somewhere else. Therefore, utilizing that spare time rather than going out with friends could prove to be beneficial. You could actually be able to earn good which is somewhere everyone’s dream.
  • You do not require to hamper your studies- As I mentioned this earlier that these jobs could easily be done in the meantime when you are totally free, your studies are not hampered at all. Also, as all of these jobs (that we are about to explain) require no time and would be for part-time, you can easily adjust the timing in accordance with your studies.
  • You do not need big investment, you can start online part time jobs for college students without investment- I know that you are a  student and could not invest amount to start the work and hence, the jobs which would be explained further are totally free of investment jobs. You are not required to input a single penny. What you are required to invest in is your time, that too when you are free.

Top online part time jobs for students to start  during the free time

Who says that as a student, you do not require money? Frankly speaking, that is the only time when money is most required and that is why, here I have brought you with different ways to earn money through online part time jobs for students.

These jobs which I am going to explain right now would be easy and high paying. You would need not to stand in front of any body for your financial dependency and seek money.

Some of the highly-paid part-time jobs are listed below; thanks me later, dear!!​

#1.  Paid to click sites offer good money

  • PTC stands for Paid To Click and these are the websites which give money for viewing advertisements on them.
  • The remuneration on these website ranges from $0.001 to $0.01 for an ad up to 30 seconds.
  • You can start this work just by signing up with your Gmail account and it just requires 1 to 2 hours daily to make good amount in a day.
  • Google the  recent article on Top 10 PTC sites in 2020. Get the list of such sites and get ready to earn.
  • The payment mode of these sites is very easy. It will require a PayPal account or a Payza account for the transaction.

#2.  Answer the surveys and get paid online

  • Online answering the surveys has become of the most followed online part-time jobs for students because this requires nothing but a laptop, a working internet connection and your free-time.
  • These surveys are sponsored by the companies which want a good customer base for their product and services.
  • These companies are ready to pay million of dollars for that suggestion and correction which would come by your answers. So, companies are paying, get paid.
  • To start the online survey form filling, you will have to find the portal, which conduct the surveys for such companies.
  • Once you find such companies, get registered with your email account and complete your profile. Once your profile will be complete, then on the basis of your profileinformation, they will send you surveys to answers.
  • With every survey you would take, you would earn at least $30-$50 dollar per survey. Many portals also offer gift vouchers and other rewards

#3. Have a unique flair of writing-Get paid

  • If you love writing and feel that your unique flair is just good enough to be a content writer, then nothing could be best than  becoming a Freelance Content Writer.
  • You can get yourself registered on these freelance-job-giving portals which have an ample amount opportunities for freelance content writing.
  • These portals have paid project for completing the content writing task in the given deadline. If you complete the deadline with great quality written content then nothing can stop you to get paid highly.
  • The best part of this part-time job is that you can choose the topic you want to write and get paid. You will not be bored at all and you will receive a handsome package of remuneration every time you do content writing.
  • Another very fascinating part of this part-time job is that, you just need to input only 2-3 hours daily and even with this investment you can earn up to $1 to $10 for per 500 to 1000 words daily.

#4. Be a part-time Blogger and get paid for your opinion

  • Worthy opinion is mattered a lot. So, if you have that worthy opinion to share with the seakers out there, start your own blog and make them your reader.
  • The numbers of readers coming to your website will fetch you a good amount of money but for that, Google Ad Sense and Affiliate marketing would have to be incorporated.
  • Also, making a website does not take much and there are blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger where you can start as a newbie.
  • So, get your website ready with engaging blogs and affiliate marketing ads. If you succeed converting your readers in leads to others’ business, you would be paid well.
  • Through, part-time blogging, you can earn hundreds of dollar in a day only if you have a goof reader base.

#5. Become a Freelancer on Fiverr

  • Fiverr is the popular platform where employers find freelance employees to complete their task.
  • The jobs available on Fiverr are from various of categories including website designing, content writing, IT outsourcing and support, Programming, Digital marketing and much more.
  • It is a platform that says come with your skills and get paid. The minimum gig that start on Fiverr is of $5. So, just think that if you at least 3 of these daily then how nice you would earn monthly.
  • But the tip that I want to share with you is that join the Fiverr with the skill you are expert in. Only skilled and quality performers are entertained on Fiverr.
  • To get started, register with Fiverr and place your Gig.

#6. Love teaching- Become tutor and get paid 

  • As you are a student, there might be some subject in you would be the expert. Well, use that expertise and become an online tutor. This online tutoring will be a part-time job which will earn you a good amount of money.
  • By becoming an online tutor, you can not only share your knowledge but also get paid for sharing that knowledge.
  • The online tutoring  could make you earn upto $10 -15$ a day.
  • To get started, think over your expertise and register with job sites. Some of the best job sites are, etc.
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#7. Do online data entry job

  • Data entry jobs are another paid facets for online jobs for college students, which takes nothing but a few seconds to perform the correct entry. The best example of such job is a Captcha Filling job.
  • Captcha filling job is nothing but solving the captcha in the spare time which could prevent the websites from spammers.
  • For every Captcha filling job, you could be paid upto $3 for 1000 per captcha. Also, it just requires 3-4 hours in a day to make that money but only if you have a good speed.
  • I am here providing a link for Captcha filling Websites. Get registered and start filling Captcha.

#8. Do you read? – get paid for reading e-books

  • Have you ever thought that your reading hobby could let you earn some handsome remuneration? No, you would have never thought so. But think of it now; online e-books reading can help you make money.
  • The website known as paid books helps in earning the Bitcoins which you can convert in whichever currency you want.
  • To start with Paid Books, you will need to register with the website and make a free account. With that free account, you will have to login everyday and read whatever genere you will prefer reading.
  • By reading e-books on Paid Books, you can make up to $30 and more every month.

#9. Love clicking photos- Make money with what you click

  • With a 13MP camera, everyone is a photographer and love clicking what comes in the way. Well, if you also have the same genes, utilize it to earn you some handsome money.
  • The photos which you would submit would make you earn upto Rs. 150 to Rs. 250 per photos. But to do that, you will have to upload those photos on the server of the websites like Shutterstockistockphotos, etc.
  • Clicking photos will take just 2-3 hours which you can easily take out of your whole day. You can click the photos related to nature, animals, picnic spots, etc.

#10. Make YouTube videos and earn 

  • YouTube is the latest money making hotshot that has helped many youngsters to earn good while studying. If you have a smartphone, you can make videos and upload to get subscribers and views.
  • Also, for the better results, monetize yoru account with Google Ad Sense and wait for themotacle. But make sure your videos are worth watching. Every single view will make money for you.
  • Follow the trends and start earning through YouTube. In starting, you would be earning $3 and above for every 1000 views you get.

So, these were Top 10 ideas to earn money through online part-time jobs for students. Some of other ways are also listed below here.

#11. A few other ways to earn money online

  • Do virtual assistant job for 2-3 hours a day
  • Sell your stuffs online and get paid for those.
  • Buy and sell domains of websites
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Become search engine evaluator
  • Help companies to help recruite the employees

Time to earn money dear friends

​So, my dear friends, you have got all the ideas which can get you a handsome amount of money as you require. Also, as these jobs are online part-time jobs, these will not eat out much time of yours. Therefore, now you can earn your bucks and fulfill all your necessities as you want.

I hope you liked this article on Online jobs for students ?


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