We know that mobile market is increasing day by day , and it is same in the case of mobile data too . Few years back we used to go to internet cafe and often brought broadband to use the internet but with the introduction of Smartphones , we were able to access the internet more easily . And the problem that we face here , mainly in India that our smartphones are eating data too much and it becomes difficult to use the internet freely and sometimes we are to able to afford  unlimited internet offers provided by telecom companies . And many people relay on night offers because they are even cheaper than other offers . So today I am going to give you some good tips to save mobile data up to 50%.

Save Mobile Data Usage in Android 

1 ) Turn off background Data

This is my first and most important tip to you to save mobile data .Because your device is eating your data without your awareness . So turning off background data can save a large amount of data . To turn background off , Go to Setting -> Data Usage -> Restrict Background data .

2 ) Use Offline Apps

I know this is difficult because you cannot stop using your favorite apps / games . But I recommend you to use Offline apps because Some of the apps use the internet frequently . This can be for security purpose and sometimes they use it to only display ads . So it is recommendable to play games while you are offline .

3 ) Disable  Auto-Update Apps

There are many apps on your device that you may like and may to not like , but when it comes to auto- update all the apps that you like and dislike gets updated , but using a huge amount of mobile data . So to disable this feature , Go to Play Store-> Swipe from the left to right to get the Navigation menu -> Now select setting -> Choose to Do Not Auto-Update Apps .

Data Saving through Browsers

1 ) Data Saving In Chrome Browser

If you are a Google Chrome fan and you if you like to browse on Chrome then you can Save Up to 30-35% of data from chrome itself . You can use Data Saver to reduce data usage . You might feel that this may reduce to browsing speed but thisdefinitely reduces the data usage . To Turn Data Saver On , Click on the 3 Dots on the top right corner -> Then go to Settings and select Data Saver Option .

2 ) Using UC Browser / Mini to reduce Browsing Data by 90 %

Yes, it right you can save a huge amount of data that you spent on browsing by using UC Browers as well as UC min , And this not only reduces the data but this also increases the Browsing Speed .  To reduce data and to increase the speed of internet , Go to setting and turn ‘ Speed Mode ‘ ON . And you can also change the quality to the image to be loaded to reduce data.

3 ) Using Opera To Reduce Data

The Opera for android has come up with a new and amazing feature called Opera Video Compression . This feature not only saves data but increases the speed of video Loading . To activate this feature , After Downloading Opera -> Go to Setting -> Data Savings -> Then put a tick mark on Video Compression .


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