See What Happens on Internet Every 60 Seconds
See What Happens on Internet Every 60 Seconds

Internet Every 60 Seconds

Hello , Folks , We are back with a new interesting topic that will really  blow you mind . We all now that Internet has become a part of our life . And we all use it daily . We use it to check Mails , Facebook , Surfing on Google , watching on Youtube , and much more . But have you ever thought , what will happen if we don’t get access to the internet for a Minute or 60 seconds ?  Here I am going to show you the things that happen on the internet every 60 seconds .

1. Browsing On Google

More than 24 lakh of people browsers on Google Every 60 seconds

2. Emails

Using services like Gmail , Yahoo etc , more than 15 crores of emails are exchanged .

3.  Amazon

Amazon , an e-Commerce site makes sale of Rs 1,35,69866 (Approx) Every 60 Seconds

4.  App Store

In Apple App Store more than 50 Thousand of applications are downloaded every 60 Seconds

5. Facebook

The Number of visitors to the world largest social networking site , Facebook is about 701,389 and from this more than 4 Lakh of people likes their favourite posts

6. Twitter

Twitter receives about 3 lakh Tweets every 60 Seconds

7.  Youtube

More than 278 lakh of people watches videos on Youtube every 60 Seconds . And it is estimated that more than 300 Lakh of hours of video is played every 60 seconds.

8. WhatsApp

In every 60 Seconds, more than 2.08 crores of messages are exchanged through WhatsApp

9. Instagram

Instagram receives more than 34,194 new posts every 60 seconds

10.  Uber

The leading online taxi service Uber makes 1389 rides in every 60 Seconds

11.  LinkedIn

Professional social networking site LinkedIn , Starts 160 Professional accounts in every 60 seconds


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