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Top and Best Backlink Checker Tools 2020

SEMRush Review – Best Keyword & Competitor Research Tool On Earth

What is SEMRUSH ? – A Hands-On Review

SEMRush Review :- SEMrush is the most powerful efficient and versatile competitive analysis/intelligence suite for online marketing. SEMrush is overall best tool from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. It is Most Powerful and best Keyword Research Tool available on earth.

SEMrush service for competitor’s research, shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain. SEMrush is the Best All-Encompassing SEO Tool as well as Competitors Research Tool For SEO.

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Why SEMRUSH such a great SEO tool & a favorite among millions of users?

Using SEMRUSH, it becomes really easy to get exactly what keyword for your site (or any other site ) is rank for. Simply speaking, it creates keyword research a bit of cake and very simple.


  • More than 130 Million domains and
  • More than 800 Million keywords in their database.

After keyword research is finished, you can add key words & track competitors positions in all major search engines based on geographical location. The geographical place feature supplied by SEMRUSH is quite exact as compare to all other tools available in market.

As being worldwide blogger, you might also use this feature to see how your site ranks in particular countries’ search engines. SEMRUSH is a product from the manufacturer of SEOQuake, a popular Search Engine Optimization addon for Firefox. It’s the best and also an essential SEM (search engine marketing) tool.

Every serious blogger and internet marketer uses SEMRUSH SEO tool for there ensured success. SEMRUSH will allow to find all key words for which any existing web page on the internet is rank. You can even find more statistical details about specific keywords and relevant keywords which you may rank for.

Why to Choose SEMrush?

Online marketing is very complicated task. But marketing tool like SEMrush makes it very simple, effective and less time consuming. SEMrush becomes an in-house toolkit that we can use for our own marketing efforts and gain more profits. This most powerful tool includes the all practical knowledge and experience of the experts from all over the world.

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So this tool is truly the king of it’s field. Even no tool available worldwide equals SEMrush in any aspects so, there exists no chance that some one better than it. So i can proudly say that EAST OR WEST SEMrush IS THE BEST. It makes online marketing simple, most efficient and enjoyable.

 10 Key Points of SEMrush Which Makes it Best : – 

  • It is Magical Tool To Beat Your Competitors In Google.
  • Best Tool for Keywords and Competitor Research.
  • A Must Have Tool for Bloggers and Marketers To Ensure Success.
  • 15+ Awesome Features for SEO Competitor Analysis.
  • It will Outrank Competitors And Dominate Google.
  • Keyword Difficulty can be analysed with SEMrush.
  • One can find high CPC keywords with SEMrush.
  • Competitor analysis and Spying becomes very easy by using it.
  • By site auditing one can optimize the website.
  • Shows the social media stats in detail. etc.

Solutions for all digital marketers in a single place ” SEMrush ” 

  1. SEO

Complete workflow for any SEO professional:

  • Technical SEO Audit.
  • Semantic Core Collection.
  • Position Tracking.
  • Actionable data on how to improve rankings for target keywords based on more thаn 20 ranking factors.
  • Competition intelligence
  • Uncover the “Not provided” keywords

2. Paid Traffic

Tools built to improve the results of your PPC Ads efforts:

  • PPC Ads strategy analysis.
  • Ad campaigns management.
  • AdWords integration.
  • Ad keywords and creatives research.
  • Competition analysis.

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3. Social Media

The world has never been the same since Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social networks emerged:

  • Views, engagement, and other important metrics tracking
  • Get instant insights to get better results
  • Track, monitor and learn from your competitors
  • Prevent failures on Social Media

4. Content & PR

Boost the performance and results of content, PR, brand management teams. SEMrush Content & PR tools are here to help:

  • Know where your brand is mentioned
  • Discover which channels are used by competitors
  • Focus on using right channels to promote your content and brand
  • Discover trending topics
  • Evaluate Engagement for future content adjustments

Are you  looking for an the best SEO tool which lets you track keyword ranking, do keyword research, check competitor ranks, check and monitor backlinks,  & most importantly, do a complete and true SEO audit of your website or blog?

If yes, then the best tool is  SEMRUSH. It is trusted by worldwide professional bloggers & SEO companies. Instead of merely writing content that viewers love, each blogger needed to ensure content is also adored by search engines so the site or website will’t get struck by Google Panda etc. (no penelty)

Having quality articles is insufficient! Bloggers also has to build quality links, do timely analysis of site’s SEO and also a consider and analyse several other vital elements.

SEMrush Review :  Online Overview for SEOs

SEMRUSH V/S Moz v/s Ahrefs

I personally tried many tools [including Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRUSH & a much more]. But I liked SEMRUSH much. It’s just the best because it’s great features and permits new and normal bloggers like me to receive all of SEO work done at 1 spot or one dashboard. Also, it is very flexible and preferred by professional expert bloggers too. The Semrush is the winner among three.

SEMRUSH is essential tool for all bloggers and serious internet marketers:

All I need to do is add the domain name at the top, and here is the information I receive:

The image above shows the basic interface of the SEMRUSH where you can analyse any domain in the world with ease.

The images below showing the domain analysis and the backlink analysis. You can check your domain below:-

Let me explain some of the fields of the report page :-

keywords – In this case, I’ve chosen Google’s US database (default option ), however you can alter it to other places and search engines also.

Volume: Amount of exact match questions for that key word in the neighborhood search. (This information is taken with the Google Keyword planner instrument that I also have confirmed the accuracy of myself)

URL: Corresponding URL to that that key word is driving visitors. Com: This reveals that the competition of advertisers to get that key word. A lower number means very little competition and a greater number means better competition for this term.

Outcomes: Amount of search engine success. (A lesser number here is much better )

Trend: This really is 1 column that I find very intriguing. To be able to find profitable keywords and phrases, we must be certain that the traffic tendency for this keyword isn’t dying.This column brings up the search tendency for this keyword throughout the previous 12 months.

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With the paid version of SEMrush, you get the following features:-

    • Site Audit: Best feature that SEMrush offers. You can perform the site audit to find and fix the issues with your website.
    • Position Tracking: With the pro version of SEMrush, you can select up to 100 keywords and see how your website is ranking on various search engines for these keywords worldwide.
  • Backlink Audit – More relevant and powerful backlinks you have, the better will be search ranking. By doing a deep link analysis of your competition, you can uncover a few backlink opportunities.

Why should you start using the SEMRUSH tool right away ?

You’ll come across the best 200 organic key words for that domain name and receive a comprehensive backlink report for any domain name together with the link’s anchor text. For new bloggers, the very interesting factor here is your capacity to discover the very best key words driving traffic to some domain name. SEMrush website audit is beneficial for every one of us who wish to maintain their pages clean without any search-engine search engine optimization problems.

Additionally, it provides us a proportion of site health. Main benefits of SEM rush web site audit are given below. Each of the missing alt tags are available and fixed. List of broken images are available and fixed. Repairing blocked pages Finding thin content webpage to stop reduction of search engine rank.

Prioritizing problems and can pick what to repair. Discovering generic html mistakes. Other minor search engine optimization issues can be monitored and tracked. etc.. Why should you get started utilizing the SEMRUSH tool straight away? As being bloggers, you perform evening to write new content expecting to improve visitors to our site or blog.

But you do not concentrate on how we’re creating traffic. When you do the analysis on this tool, you’ll discover that just a few of your blog articles are contributing towards each the visitors to your website. While using SEMRUSH tool, it is possible to find key words that are driving visitors to your competitor’s site or blog and you’ll be able to write quality articles based on these keywords. This can allow you to get a better position 100%.

Check it out Full Functional Best Tool and see how well it can work for you.

SEMrush Plans & Prices

SEMRUSH works best with the PRO account, but for a newbie, you can always start with limited features.

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All Features of SEMrush at a Glance :- 

[Note All Images and Data Below regarding Features is under The custody of SEMrush Official Website. ]

1. Analytics Reports

Get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.

1.1 Organic Research

  • See competitors’ best keywords
  • Discover new organic competitors
  • Observe position changes of domains

1.2 Advertising Research

  • Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
  • Analyze Your Online Rivals’ Ad Copies and Keywords
  • Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Localize Your Ad Campaigns

1.3 Display Advertising

  • See top publishers and advertisers
  • Analyze competitors’ display ads
  • Spot new publishers
  • View displays from different device

1.4 Backlinks

  • Conduct a deep link analysis
  • Understand referring domains’ authority
  • Check backlinks’ types
  • Spot your links’ geolocation

1.5 Video Advertising Research

  • Create an effective video ad campaign
  • Uncover your competitors’ video ad strategies
  • Discover top advertisers
  • Learn how to make money with your video

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1.6 Keyword Research

  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
  • Get long-tail keywords
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments

1.7 Product Listing Ads

  • Define your product listing ads competitors
  • Get insight into your PLA competitors’ product feeds
  • See your competitors’ best-performing PLAs

2. Tools

Cross, combine and visualize SEMrush data to compare competitive domains and gauge keyword problem with a few clicks.

2.1 Keyword Difficulty

  • Find keywords with less competition
  • Estimate keyword difficulty instantl

2.2 Domain vs. Domain

  • Set side-by-side domains’ comparisons
  • See domains’ common and unique keywords
  • Visualize data

2.3 Charts

  • Compare domains with key visibility indicators
  • Conduct competitive analysis in only a few clicks

2.4 My Reports

  • Gather all the SEMrush data in one elegant custom PDF report
  • Design your report using branding and commenting features
  • Share and schedule your reports to go out on a regular basis

2.5 Keyword Magic Tool

  • Get over 2 million keyword ideas
  • Use Keyword Grouping to segment your keywords by topic
  • Pick the best keywords and save them in Keyword Analyzer
  • Export your selected keywords to other SEMrush tools
  • Create up to 50 target keyword lists

3. Projects

Launch global campaigns for your website and get all the necessary metrics regarding its competitors, keyword rankings, and on-page health from one place.

3.1 Position Tracking

  • Track any domain or keyword from any location
  • Discover local competitors
  • Group keywords with tags
  • Target different devices

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3.2 Site Audit

  • Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis tool
  • Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first
  • Track SEO optimization progress
  • Find and fix hreflang mistakes
  • Ensure the security of your website with HTTPS che

3.3 Social Media Tool

  • Keep track of your Social Media campaigns
  • Research your competitors
  • Visualize data

3.4 Brand Monitoring

  • Monitor Your Brand Reputation
  • Discover New Opportunities
  • Track Backlinks

3.5 SEO Ideas

  • Analyze Google ranking factors affecting your website’s performance
  • Get actionable recommendations based on collected data
  • Carry out in-depth comparison analysis of Google’s top 10 performers

3.6 Backlink Audit Tool

  • Find all your backlinks using the Search Console integration
  • Discover and remove potentially dangerous backlinks
  • Send toxic backlinks to the Google Disavow tool
  • Keep your backlink profile clean with regular recrawls

3.7 Organic Traffic Insights

  • Unlock the ‘not provided’ keywords
  • Merge Analytics and Search Console data
  • Analyze keyword potential

3.8 Content Tool

  • Assess the social impact
  • Check on backlinks
  • Track the SEO performance
  • Compare posts, sources and authors

3.9 PPC Keyword Tool

  • Collect keywords through multiple channels
  • Manage and optimize keyword lists
  • Get rid of cross-negatives [EXCLUSIVE]
  • Polish your keyword list with Recommendations

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So these are the all features of the tool mentioned above which makes the SEMrush is best.

Contact SEMrush :- 



US customers, Toll-Free

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (ET) {Monday through Friday}

Semrush Inc., 8 Neshaminy Interplex Ste 207,

Trevose, PA 19053 USA



Europe customers, Toll-Free

08:00 AM – 04:00 PM (GMT) {Monday through Friday}

SEMRUSH CY LTD, 1, Agias Fylaxeos St,

1st floor, 3025, Limassol, Cyprus

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USA, 8 Neshaminy Interplex, Ste 207, Trevose, PA 19053

e-mail support – [email protected]

Trust Factor :- 

Why one trust on SEMrush?

SEMrush is trusted great company with great expertise. After seven years of trailblazing experiments and constant progress, they have grown into the big international company and created the world’s leading marketing toolkit service for all types of digital marketers.

Conclusion :-

I am hoping this SEMRUSH review 2020 has helped you to comprehend the good thing about this wonderful search engine marketing tool.

SEMRUSH is best for analysis and research, but at the end of the day it will put your hard, clever, and quality work finally at the top. Do you know someone who can benefit from this superb tool?

Share this review with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus! SEMRUSH the ideal search engine optimization (SEM) tools to find your competitors’ keywords. This is like the holy grail for keyword research. Share your experiences.  Let us know in the comments!


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