The Best Search Engines You’re Probably Not Using 2020

    The Best Search Engine You’re Probably Not Using 2019
    The Best Search Engine You’re Probably Not Using 2019

    8 Best Search Engines You Probably Haven’t Heard About It

    Google Search is leading in market share with around 67% on Desktop but that’s not the only search engine available. If you are concerned about your privacy and better security you may like the following one.

    List of Best Search Engines 

    1. DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuckGo was launched in 2008 with the aim of real privacy. The search engine which doesn’t track you or collects any personal information.

    It receives around 300 million direct search queries every month.

    2. StartPage

    StartPage by ixquick is the world’s most private search engine. Google enhances Ixquick and you have no more targeted ads.

    3. Baidu

    Baidu is a market leader in China with more than 75% market share and around 8% worldwide.

    4. Ask

    Ask, that’s right. It’s not just about asking a question but it also fetches results of searchqueries keywords.

    5. F-Secure Search

    F-Secure Search checks website safety ratings while you search online. At each search results, you will have a rating icon.

    6. Lukol

    Lukol is anonymous search engine enhanced by google custom search via proxy.

    7. Privatelee

    Privatelee also doesn’t track personal information when you search web or images.

    8. Yandex

    Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia with around 60% of market share. So if you are targeting online business in Russia then don’t forget Yandex. Did you like this list? If you are website owner, you might be interested in checking if your blog/website is indexed in those search engine.


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