Top 10 Best Aptitude Apps For Android 2020

    Top 10 Best Aptitude Apps For Android 2020
    Top 10 Best Aptitude Apps For Android 2020

    Best Aptitude Apps For Android 2020

    Aptitude has become compulsory for each and every job interview. For aptitude preparation we need to buy aptitude books and many students go for coaching centers to prepare their aptitude.

    Sometimes we search aptitude material on the internet which is time consuming. So we can also do preparation on smartphones. Android’s Google play have aptitude apps for students. With the help of these apps we can prepare our aptitude whenever we have time even at outdoor. We do not have to carry heavy books for aptitude preparation and no need to search any material over the internet.

    Aptitude apps for android provides previous year questions of different aptitude test and also questions from various aptitude experts.

    List of Best Aptitude Apps For Android

    1. Aptitude Test and Preparation

    Aptitude Test and Preparation is an android app for aptitude preparation. This app provide more than 600 question for practice. Questions are arranged according to topic wise. It also provide formulas for various topic. This app is designed for CAT, MAT, GMAT, SAT etc aptitude tests. This app also provide logical reasoning questions. It also provide details solution of difficult question. Approximately 1 million users downloaded this app.

    2. Aptitude Trainer

    Aptitude Trainer is an aptitude app with easy to use interface. It is a light weight Android app. This app provide 1000 plus question with proper explanation. This app has two different mode training mode, test mode. In test mode we can judge our performance on the basis of score. With the help of this app we can clear all the quantitative exam like SAT, CMAT, CAT and bank exam. It is popular in all aptitude apps for android. Approximately 5 lakh users downloaded this app.

    Aptitude Test Trainer
    Aptitude Test Trainer
    Developer: Seliant
    Price: Free+

    3. Aptitude Plus

    Aptitude Plus is an android aptitude app which is specially designed for all types of aptitude test, mathematics, logical reasoning tests.  It is simple and easy to use Android app which provide awesome quality User interface. We can prepare bank exam,  MNCs aptitude test,  Govt test etc without buying any book. This app also provide mathematical formulas and detail solution of a problem. Approximately 1 lakh users downloaded this app.

    Aptitude Plus
    Aptitude Plus
    Developer: Mahammad Irfan S
    Price: Free

    4. Aptitude Question And Answer

    Aptitude Question and Answer is another popular aptitude app which is available on Google play store for free. It provide question for logical reasoning, aptitude, mathematics and verbal reasoning. This app is a light weight and simple to use Android app. It is good choice in all aptitude apps for android. This app cover all the questions for Campus placements, bank tests and Govt jobs. Approximately 5 lakh users downloaded this app.

    6. IndiaBix Aptitude.

    IndiaBix Aptitude is an online Android Aptitude app which provide more than 3000 questions of general Aptitude of different topics for practice. It provide regular update of its questions. It is helpful for the examination of CAT, SAT, MAT, IBPS, Clerks and Banking jobs. This app requires Android 3.0 or higher version. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

    Price: Free

    7. Aptitude Test Preparation

    Aptitude Test Preparation is an awesome offline Android app for Aptitude preparation. It regularly update its questions. It provide more than  1000 questions for practice. This app also arrange its question according to category wise. We can also select questions from a particular category in which we are weak. This app provide detail solution of all questions. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

    8. Quantitative Aptitude Formulas

    Quantitative Aptitude Formula is an Android app which provide Aptitude tricks and tips to solve the multiple questions within few minutes. This app also include the online testing mode through which we can Test our performance on the daily basis. This app provide multiple choice questions with easy to use interface. We can easily clear the quantitative exam for banks and Govt jobs. Approximately 1 lakh users downloaded this app.

    All Formula for Aptitude
    All Formula for Aptitude
    Developer: eternal apps
    Price: Free

    9. Engineering Aptitude

    Engineering Aptitude is another Android app which is specially designed for Engineering  students. This app focus on the multiple choice questions. This app contain a mixture of basic engineering questions,  communication skills,  mathematics and logical reasoning. It is an easy to use app which provide detail solution of difficult questions. Approximately 50 thousand students downloaded this app.

    10. GATE

    GATE is an android aptitude and GATE Exam preparation app which is available on Google Play store for free. This app mainly focus on the Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude. Out of hundred marks aptitude and mathematics contain 30 marks paper. This app also contain previous year GATE question paper for practice in all engineering streams. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

    So these are best aptitude apps for android. We hope these apps will helps to improve your aptitude skills.


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