Top 10 Best Nextgen Gadgets 2020 Must Buy

    Top 10 Nextgen Gadgets 2019
    Top 10 Nextgen Gadgets 2019

    Nextgen Gadgets 2020

    This is technical era. Everyone needs a technology or gadgets for their smooth life. The life is nothing without the gadgets and technology now a days. Here CRACKORSQUAD brings you the top 10 nextgen gadgets list. They are very useful and unique having large number of awesome features.

    1. 360 Degree CCTV

    Home security can be updated by using this IP camera. It covers 360 degrees with full HD video quality. No technical skills are required for it’s installation. Any electric bulb can be replaced to install this camera. It is one of the best Mini Wireless IP Lamp Camera available.

    2. 2019 IP67 M2 Smart Wristband OLED Fitness Tracker

    In market lot of fitness trackers are available but this one is value for money. It is having lot of amazing features. Calls can be answered, heart rate can be measured, sleep patron monitoring etc. One can easily track his/her fitness.  This is best choice for both android as well as iphon users.

    3. Quadcopter Drone – Eachine E58

    Tech stuff can’t be complete without a quadcopter. The Eachine E58 is best and cheap choice for tech lovers. Remote range is 80 to 100 m with a 7 to 9 minutes airborne action which is amazing.

    4. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

    Manufactured by Plextone, this speaker can pick up frequencies from 2 KHz to 20 KHz with fully supported MP3 playback. Its full range audio crossover aided with 2 enclosures work wonders.

    5. Remote Control Rat Mouse Toy for Pet

    Pet care also becomes very important now a day. This is best remote control rat for your cat. The remote is a MODE2 controller and the toy itself is made from carbon fiber. So, even if your cat manages to catch and chew on it, it won’t budge.

    6. Chrome Cast for Android TV

    Not your usual chrome cat, but a better one. It connects with the HDMI of your TV to let you use famous Android apps like YouTube, Hulu, IMDB, Google Play Store, and Netflix.

    7. Ouhaobin’s Waterproof Camera

    Are you up for some underwater action? If yes, then Ouhaobin’s Waterproof Camera has a sensor of 10.0 to 20.0 MP that will help you capture what matters the most.

    8. Videomaker for Vlogger With Microphone and Mic

    From ULanzi comes this ultimate video making kit exclusively for vloggers and video enthusiasts. The kit features U-Grip, a mic, flash, mobile holder, and a connector.

    9. Stainless Steel Robotic Sweeping Machine

    Have you watched robotic sweepers in movies? It’s time you buy one for yourself. The Stainless Steel Robotic Sweeping Machine by OUOH is also a vacuum cleaner and operates without any glitch.

    10. New Bluetooth Sunglasses

    Call these matrix glasses or whatsoever, New Bluetooth Sunglasses are multi functional in all senses. They provide you an ultimate VR experience with call attending and rejecting features.

    So, these are the top 10 gadgets you should check out right now and buy them to make your entry into 2019 worthwhile.


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