Top 10 Best Professional Video Editing Software for YouTube 2020

Top 10 Best Professional Video Editing Software for YouTube
Top 10 Best Professional Video Editing Software for YouTube

Best Professional Video Editing Software for Windows

Best Professional Video Editing Software for Mac 

If you wants to prepare videos for YouTube, Viemo etc. Then you are at right place. Crackorsquad provides you the information about all best video editing software.  In this article download link of video editing software are also provided along with information regarding free and paid versions.

From these tools you can create and edit videos, record screen, photo editing, can compress and convert video formats and also can create animations etc. For creating own brand and get viral a good and fine quality video along with quality sound and effects  becomes necessary. To accomplish these tasks you needs a good video editor.

Here is the list of top 10 + video editing software. 

What is a Video Editing ?  

Video editing may be defined as the process of creating a good quality video along with the good sound quality, by processing the raw audio – video files, pictures, graphics, digital effects etc.

What is a Video Editor ? 

The software or tool which accomplish the task of video editing is known as the video editor.

What is Need of Video Editing or Video Editor ?

If you are ready to launch the new YouTube Channel seriously then should have to take care about the video quality, resolution, intro, outro, logos, channel arts, noise cancellation,  video aspects etc. Then you need a best video editing software. If your video quality, sound and other parameters are good the probability of getting viral is more. Peoples generally does’t prefers to watch video with poor sound and built quality.

Tasks Performed by Video Editors 

  • Computer screen can be recorded. (One can prepare the tutorial or can explain anything and can make video through it for uploading.)
  • Videos through webcams can be recorded and modified suitably.
  • Recorded videos can edited or modified.
  • Large number of visual as well as sound editing are available.
  • Animations can be created.
  • Info- graphics can be made.
  • Can compress or can reduce the size of videos.
  • Can prepare the intro or outro for your channel.
  • Video format can be easily changed. etc.

So, here is the list of Best Professional Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac. 

  1. OpenShot Video Editor 

OpenShot Video Editor is a free, open-source video editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows. We designed OpenShot to be an easy to use, quick to learn, and surprisingly powerful video editor. Easily cut, slice, and edit any video or film.

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Features of OpenShot Video Editor –

  • Cross-Platform
  • Trim & Slice
  • Animation & Keyframes
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Video Effects
  • Audio Waveforms
  • Title Editor
  • 3D Animations
  • Slow Motion & Time Effects
  • Edit Video
  • 70+ Languages
  • Simple User Interface etc.

2. iMovie

Turn your videos into movie magic. With iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. It’s easy to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, then finish on your Mac.

Whether you’re using a Mac or an iOS device, it’s never been easier to make it in the movies. Just choose your clips, then add titles, music and effects. iMovie even supports 4K video for stunning cinema-quality films. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.Release your movie to the adoring public.

Various Features of iMovie –

  • A powerful performance in every movie.
  • You have a great touch for making movies.
  • Cut from iPhone to iPad to Mac.
  • The feel-good trailer of the year.
  • Studio-Quality Titles
  • High-Fidelity Filters etc.

3. Loom

Videos can be recorded in one click. Screen can recorded and quick social sharing is also possible. It is very fast and good tool. This tool is totally free.

4. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is committed to developing digital products and services, helping people improve the working efficiency, save considerable time and increase productivity in the day of digital world. We take great pride in enriching people’s lives by creating simple, funny and creative solution to everyday challenges. We believe users of all levels will be amazed what develops.

5.  OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free tool.  It simply record the screen of your computer. Extraordinary tools and features are available inside it. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.Streamlined Settings panel gives you access to a wide array of configuration options to tweak every aspect of your broadcast or recording.

OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality specific to your needs. Utilize native plugins for high performance integrations or scripts written with Lua or Python that interface with existing sources. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

6.  VideoPad Video Editor

Designed to be intuitive, VideoPad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional quality videos in minutes. Create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube and more.  Burn movies to DVD and Blu-ray or export your videos online and to your portable devices. It is great great video editor to record videos and edit them in a simple and easy way.

Stunning Video Transitions and Effects

  • Choose from a wide range of video clip transitions
  • 3D video editing and 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion
  • Add text, overlays and effects to 360 degree videos
  • Customize the duration of applied transitions
  • Overlay text for captions and movie credits
  • Chroma key green screen video production
  • Create visual effects templates to use on any project
  • Create title text animations in seconds with templates
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Pure Digital Audio Tools

  • Import and mix music tracks like a pro
  • Includes audio effects, such as choral, echo, distortion and more
  • Make your own custom movie soundtrack with
    MixPad multi-track mixing software
  • Record your own narrations with the click of a button
  • Use sound effects from the free Sound Effect Library

Complete Video Optimization

  • Fine-tune color and other visual effects
  • Slow down, speed up or reverse video clip playback
  • Reduce camera shake with video stabilization
  • Add photos and digital images to your sequences
  • Plugin support to add thousands of tools and effects
  • Create looped gif videos

7. AVS Video Editor

Process Various Video Formats. AVS Video Editor supports all key video formats. Edit & save video files in AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV, using popular codecs H.264, MPEG-4, H.263 etc. Process video with different frame sizes: HD, Full HD, 2K Quad HD, 4K Ultra HD and DCI 4K etc.

  • Edit Your Video with Fantasy
  • Speed Up HD-Videos Editing
  • Record Your Video
  • Make Stunning Slideshows
  • Create Blu-ray Videos etc.

8. Movavi Video Editor

With this awesome tool you can simply create home movies in a visual and fun way, the results are great in this platform which is available on both the well-known platforms, of course, I am talking about none other than Mac and Windows. Moreover, it is a very simple editor to handle and compatible with the vast majority of formats.

Movavi is your best choice for easy, reliable multimedia programs! Since 2004, we have been developing easy-to-use and effective software for Windows to inspire your creativity and make processing, creating, and sharing your media content fun and fulfilling! We want our video programs and photo editing apps to make your media life great.

  • Video and audio editing on a timeline
  • Image quality improvement
  • Hollywood-worthy effects
  • High-grade titles and fades
  • Support for a wide range of formats etc.

9. MAGIX Video Deluxe

Video software from MAGIX enables any user to cut and edit their films and videos in an easy yet professional manner. The software comes with audio dubbing as well as options to burn your video projects to DVD and Blu-ray Disc or save them to a format of your choice.

  • Software for creating custom videos
  • Optimize, edit and share your photos
  • Make your own music or convert into new formats etc.

10.  Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best software to create best projects.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC is powerful, customizable, and high-performance nonlinear editing software for video professionals.
  • Membership includes the full version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC to download, install, and run on your computer.
  • Immediate access to all the latest updates and new features as soon as they’re released.
  • Easy syncing of your Adobe Premiere Pro settings to any computer in any edit bay in the world
  • A growing library of expert video tutorials to help you get up to speed quickly and master new skills

11. Adobe After Effects

One of the best tool to create animated graphics in 3D. Visual animations and special effects can be given to videos. Create cinematic film titles, intros and transitions. Start a fire or make it rain. Animate a logo or character. With After Effects CC, the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software, you can take any idea and make it move.

  • Roll credits. Spin words. Twirl titles.
  • Explosive effects. Mind-blowing results.
  • Get animated. etc.
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12. Sony Vegas Pro

The VEGAS Pro software family opens up completely new possibilities for creating professional video and audio productions. Speed up your workflow and take advantage of innovative and creative tools to deliver results at maximum speed.Incredible videos made incredibly easily. The VEGAS Movie Studio lineup proves that video editing can be simple and fun!

13. Camtasia Studio

Record anything — your whole screen or just a window. Or, add video, images, audio, and PowerPoint presentations that you already have.

A simple timeline makes editing video easy. Combine or split clips, trim, and speed up or slow down footage. Then, instantly preview inside the video editor.

Give videos polish with professional video editor effects. Add highlights, animation, titles, transitions and more. Simply drag and drop the effects onto the timeline.

14. Screencast-O-Matic

At Screencast-O-Matic, we don’t believe that video recording and editing should be difficult, or cost a fortune. Our simple and intuitive tools help you get the job done easily.

15. Final Cut Pro X

One of the best professional video editor avilable 2019.  But are only available for the Apple’s Mac users.

  • Editing, audio, motion graphics and delivery.
  • 360° video editing and VR headset playback.
  • Advanced colour grading, HDR support and ProRes RAW.
  • Built-in controls to create, edit and deliver closed captions. etc.

16. Video Grabber

Video Grabber grants you the ability to download videos from many online video sites. After a single click, the video is shown, along with all the available formats such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, WMV, WEBM, MP3, etc. Then, all you need to do is to download videos in your preferred format. It also supports downloading HD videos.

  • Grab Video from Any Video Sites
  • Convert Video/Audio between Any Formats
  • Record Your Computer Screen in One Click etc.

17. VSDC Video Editor

Use free video software to create and edit videos of any complexity from a family greeting card to a company presentation. Cut, merge video files, apply visual and audio effects, use filtration and image correction, make slideshows and add an appropriate soundtrack. Use multi-color Chroma Key and advanced parameters settings to give your video a professional look. All popular video and audio formats are supported.

18. HitFilm Express

Video editing, VFX, and all the power you need to make something cool. Take your first step towards pro-filmmaking with our free starter software: HitFilm Express. Perfect for students, YouTubers, and beginner filmmakers.

So these were the best video editing software available in the market 2020. Stay tuned with Crackorsquad for more updates.


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