Why Website is Not Ranking on Google Top 10 Reasons

Why Website is Not Ranking on Google Top 10 Reasons, Top 10 Tricks and Tips To Rank Website On Google 2020,
Why Website is Not Ranking on Google Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Tricks and Tips To Rank Website On Google 2020

Don’t be sad if your website is not ranking or showing on Google Search. crackorsquad will help you. In this article we will discuss weather your domain is indexed but not ranking or why it is not showing on google search results.


Check if your domain is indexed on Google or not.

Go to Google.com

type site: mydomain.com.

(replace mydomain.com with your domain/website name)

If domain is not indexed or properly indexed in Google search, then you can use the following information step by step  to index website and rank it properly.

Fix : Website not ranking on Google 

Check list for most popular tips and tricks to rank and show website on google search.

1. Website is not indexed on Google

If you have launched new domain it may takes approx. 5-10 days to get indexed. New domain does’t have any inbound or outbound links as well as no backlinks or referring domains so, google bots or crawler takes much time to index it.  The google bot or crawlers uses backlinks or inbound links to index any website. There is no need to worry post some good content on your website with proper on page and off page SEO google will find you for sure.

Tips to index website fast on google –

  • Claim / authenticate / add website on google search console.
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  • Make sitemaps for you website.
  • Submit sitemaps to google via google search console.
  • Submit robots.txt to google for proper indexing.

Crackorsquad recommends the following free and best plugin for this (wordpress users).

Squirrly SEO  

You can see the real time performance of your website on search console. Submitting the sitemaps which contains all your url helps search engines to index and crawl your website content faster. This step will help out in indexing website and showing results on google, this will not boost your rank.

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2. Poor Selection of Keywords 

Instead of using more competitive keywords (short keywords) use long tail keywords. 

Probably you are using short keywords for your pages or posts seo then your website will not performs good in search results. There is more competition for short keywords they are very tough to rank up.

We recommends you to use long tail keywords (four – five phrase words) with less competition and high search volume.

Selection of keywords for pages or posts for ranking (How to Find Less Competition Keywords) – 

There are many online tools available in the market for keyword analysis –



Google Keyword Planner etc.

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Ahref and SEMRus are paid tools while Keyword Planner developed by Google is free. If you are doing everything well on your website but still not ranking it does’t mean that you are poor on work but it might possible that your competitors are performing better than you.  You can use  SEMrush to check the activities of your competitors.

3. Your website may have a “no index” Tag

“no index” tag is used to prevent the site from indexing. If you have added “no index” tag to your site, it will prevent your website from showing in google search results. Untick search visibility as shown in following figure –

How to Fix “no-index” problem

How to Fix "no-index" problem
How to Fix “no-index” problem

Misconfiguration of  Yoast SEO or any other SEO plugin might be the reason. Faulty robots.txt may also leads towards this problem. So, configure SEO plugins properly as well as set robots.txt file properly.

To check robots.txt –


(replace yourdomain.com with your domain url)

check example – https://secureservercdn.net/

4. Low Quality Content or Scrap Content 

According to me your each blog post must have least 500 – 700 words content. This is signal for google that information provided is worth. If you copy/paste content from another blog or website google will stop showing your site on search results as well as your ranking will decrease.

Good and unique content with proper SEO is most important for google ranking. Also don’t use more keywords (don’t do keyword stuffing) this may leads to decrease in traffic as well as search penalty.

Low Quality Content or Scrap Content Fix 

Try to write long articles. Long articles performs better than short articles in search results. Try to right least 500-700 words in each post along with proper formatting, headings as well as images with relevant alt text. Articles having more than 1000 words are best for ranking.

Top 5 tips for writing better and quality content – 

  • Create content for education or help purpose as per specific demand.
  • Use proper headings H1, H2, H3 .. and make content effective.
  • Insert fresh images along with proper caption and alt txt.
  • Help out visitors in comment section for their problems.
  • Use long trail keywords.

5. No High – Quality Backlinks

Google uses the backlinks as most important ranking factor for website. The quantity and quality of your backlinks indicates the reliability and trust of your website.  Backlinks plays most important role in increasing domain authority, traffic and google ranking.

Note – Instead of quantity of backlinks the quality of backlinks matters. 

One high quality backlink is more powerful and important than 100 of low quality backlinks. Low quality backlinks or backlinks form bad domain may affect the website ranking.

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How to build high – quality links? Here are some quick tips to get high-quality backlinks:

  • Submit guest posts.
  • Publish unique and  high-quality content. 
  • Comment on other Do follow blogs.
  • Submit domain to profile creation sites.
  • Add your domain to  Blogging directories.
  • Submit your blog and blog posts to ping submission sites.
  • Share blog posts on social media sites.
  • Interlinking of posts with in domain is great idea.

6. Poor Page Load Speed

Google uses website load time as a ranking factor in 2020. The more fast is website speed  more are the chances to rank up. If website load time is more than 5 seconds you needs to pay the serious attention on it. If load time is more than 5 seconds website rank will decrease because it can be penalized by google.

You can use following  tools to check your website loading speed –

PageSpeed Insights


crackorsquad gtmatrix report
Page Load Time Gtmatrix

How to speed up your website?

You can use the following optimizations –

  • Images optimization
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Use WordPress Cache Plugin
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I recommends the following plugins for wordpress users –

For image optimization you can use WP Smush

For gzip and caching you can use WP – Rocket

7. Your site is not Mobile Friendly

Now a days there are more mobile users than desktop users that’s why it becomes very essential to design a mobile friendly website. The website should be responsive (ability to change it’s shape for particular device).

Google using mobile friendly criteria as a major ranking factor because more than 70% searches are now from smartphones. If your website is not mobile friendly you will not rank up or rank good.

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How can you make your website responsive? How to check your website is Mobile Friendly – 

Google has also developed a mobile-friendly testing tool to determine whether your site is mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Test
Mobile Friendly Testing Tool Google

If using WordPress install responsive theme. I personally recommend Newspaper Theme.

8. Poor Page and Posts Content SEO 

The best friend for high google ranking is SEO. Better is SEO more high will be rank on google. Guest posting, directories submission, Email Outreach etc are helpful for SEO. On page SEO and Off Page SEO are important.

Squirrly SEO  

Yoast SEO

How can you improve your On-Page SEO – 

  • Use long-tail keywords.
  • Use SEO-Friendly URLs.
  • Make your URL short and readable.
  • Reduce website loading speed.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Responsive website.
  • Use Internal Links and External Links in your blog posts. 
  • Right unique and high quality content.
  • Publish content with good media.
  • Optimize your image size. 
  • Use your target keyword to the image alt text.
  • Use keyword in title, post url and in running text.

9. Make sure Google is indexing and crawling your site

Check Crawl errors: Look for any crawl error on search console and fix them.

Check the robots.txt file: If you have defective Robots.txt file,   Google will stop crawl and index your site.

10. Your website has been kicked out by  Google

Violation of any Google’s policy guidelines, Google can temporarily or permanently remove your site or posts from index and search results.

Website De-indexed: Google completely removes the domain and all urls from the search result.

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Website Penalized: content or post is present in domain or page search result but does not appear in search result even on direct search queries.

Sandboxed: Sandboxed is a filter that is applied to new sites. This prevents new websites from being ranked, especially for high-competing keywords.

Read article on Google Sandbox on Ahrefs.

Why My Website is Not Ranking in Google ? 

Ranking on Irrelevant Keywords may reduce google ranking. Only use and try to rank the keywords related to your website. Example –  you are running a tech blog but posting food related content on it which is wrong. This is bad choice for ranking so, try to avoid it.

Additional Tip

Use SSL or HTTPS (Secure ) on your website. It is also becomes and important part or ranking signal for google.

I will suggest cloudflare free ssl or one may get pro plan as per requirements.


These are the top 10 reasons Why Website is Not Ranking on Google Top 10 Reasons or Top 10 Tricks and Tips To Rank Website On Google 2020.

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